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Peggy Riggins


Peggy Riggins is a registered pharmacist, author of You Taking Care of You, a health and lifestyle strategist and Founder of "She Heals."   She received her degree from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 1985. She was a pharmacist for Walgreens Company for 29 years and Mt. Sinai hospital for 14 years. 


Ms. Riggins also received advanced training in pharmaceutical care, HIV/AIDS, smoking cessation nutritional support mental health, cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases.  Known  as “America’s Pharmacist,” Ms. Riggins is a skilled public speaker, trainer and “go-to”  person as the Mistress of Ceremony at fundraisers and church banquets.  After spending more than 30 years serving Chicago’s South side communities, she realized that the key to better health is in the community, where the people are, and is regarded as one of the pioneers of the self-care movement.  She now helps women in developing a personalized plan and system to feel better, have more energy, live a vibrant and radiant lifestyle. 

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