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Letter from the President

Dear Friends,


Peer Plus is not your traditional, run-of-the-mill nonprofit organization!  We are 100% volunteer-driven, with our entire team bringing a diverse combination of over 30 years of health care experience.  That collective knowledge ranges from case management, pastoral support, family housing, referrals, counseling and legal services to home health.  


Our emphasis is to empower individuals, families, and communities become advocates in their own right and make informed choices with the hope of better health outcomes.  We are continuously attending and actively participating in webinars, workshops, and training to ensure we are providing the community with the most updated and accurate health information, specifically, those continued health disparities directly impacting those most affected.


In 2001 two colleagues and I had an idea of how to bring awareness to the community and meeting them  at their level of their understanding. We devised the “Chat & Chew “ roundtable discussions where light refreshments would be served, and we would simply chat, and encourage conversation about their concerns and prevailing issues.  Our goal was that participants found in our faces and place that was trusting and comfortable, as well as leaving them with more knowledge on health issues than when they arrived. We began hosting health fairs, workshops and symposiums that to date, have educated well over 3,000 men, women, youth and seniors.


Peer Plus is now recognized as a highly regarded and respected,  "go-to" organization for other agencies to contact for support, resources, and collaboration.  This is a compelling testament to our agency history of providing education, resources, and other services. We are confident in our ability to take on challenges brought to us that may not be under our purview of regular services, support and referrals.


We are delighted to be in partnership with the University of Illinois/Chicago Health Cancer Center.   I am also a member of the UI Health Cancer Center Patient Brigade, a PCORI Ambassador, and part of the Pastor4PCOR Research team. These important collaborations will only ensure that Peer Plus will bring and maintain a high standard of excellence to the communities we serve, as well as our stakeholders.


Phyllis L. Rodgers

Founder & President


Vice President

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