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January 2019

January 5:  Peer Plus President Phyllis Rodgers (1st Photo, left) supported community partner Felicia Bates Pointer, president of Just Us Sistahs Talking, who hosted JUST's 17th Annual Women's Networking and Empowerment Event.  Peer Plus Vice President  Dr. Andre Rawls (3rd Photo, left) conducted the breakout session on "Vision Investment Network/How Women Invest."


January 21:  

Peer Plus enjoyed making art and new friends with volunteers from American Airlines during an "MLK Celebration" held at the Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago.


January 24:  

Thanks to the employees of Delta Airlines at O'Hare Airport, Peer Plus gave two donation boxes of children's winter coats to Parker Community Academy, at 68th Street & Stewart.


January 26: 

Peer Plus President & Founder Phyllis L. Rodgers (left) completed her training as a PCOR Research Ministry Ambassador. The celebration was hosted by Bishop Simon Gordon at Triedstone Church, along with Dr. Alicia Thomas, MHS Senior Program Officer with PCORI. 

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