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EXACT SCIENCES Article: (Continued)

Peer Plus NewsletterDecember 2023

To catch it early, we must screen regularly. Early detection significantly enhances the chances of successful treatment.*  So, undergoing regular screenings for colorectal cancer is crucial. At Exact Sciences, we are dedicated to changing lives through early detection that helps people get the answers they need to make the best choice for them.

The American Cancer Society recommends starting regular screenings for colorectal cancer at age 45 for average-risk individuals [1].  However, family history (mother/father/sibling/child) of colorectal cancer or other risk factors may necessitate earlier screening and more frequent examinations.  Early screening is effective, but awareness of screening in the black community is lower than the white community [2]. Misconceptions about the procedure, or hesitancy to discuss symptoms with healthcare providers also contributes to this gap [3].


With that in mind, Exact Sciences is a committed collaborator in closing these gaps. For example, we work with clinics on the ground in local communities to raise awareness and reduce barriers to accessing early screening tests like Cologuard®. 

It's important to emphasize that these screenings are not just about detecting cancer; they are about prevention and preserving lives. Taking proactive steps towards screenings, we can collectively reduce the burden of colorectal cancer and improve healthy outcomes for our communities, together. Colorectal cancer affects men and women, so no family member is exempt during the holidays.


As we celebrate life, let's care for ourselves and each other, because screening has meaning. For more, please go to:


* Based on 5-year survival rates.


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