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Dr. Andre W. Rawls, JD, PsyD

Andre W. Rawls (Vice President)  is an online professor at the University of Phoenix and American Public University, teaching both graduate and undergraduate psychology courses.  As a clinical psychologist, she has counseled families and children in Chicago homeless shelters and served on the Chicago Public School crisis intervention team.  She currently manages a nonprofit that works with high-risk youth, addressing exposure to trauma and character education development.


Dr. Rawls has served as an advisory committee member for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and for the University of Chicago, and she has chaired global programs to fight Tuberculosis, Malaria, and HIV/AIDS.  From 2006-2010, she traveled extensively to South and West Africa providing technical assistance in HIV/AIDS.  She is also the founder of Visions Investment Network Consortium, which assists African American women in organizing and maintaining investment clubs.

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