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Dr. Lolita D. Cleveland

Dr. Lolita Cleveland is the founder and CEO of Open Hands Outreach Consulting, based in Chicago.  She has 15 years of experience in the nonprofit, small business and humanitarian sectors, augmented by a Masters degree in Public Administration conferred by Walden University, and a Bachelors degree in Psychology from Grambling State University.  Dr. Cleveland currently serves as a Resource Coordinator and adjunct professor.  A visionary thought leader, she captivates the minds and hearts of those who are ready to make a difference in humanity.  She is the author of Next Level Evangelism Training Manual and a co-author of Moments in HerStory: From Pain to Purpose II and since 2006 has participated in missions to Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, and Africa. She also serves as a board member for Circle Ruth Women’s Ministry, Diadem International and Seed of Hope (Strategy Committee). Dr. Cleveland's driving force is her belief that investing in people positively impacts lives, so that hope and possibilities become change and new realities.

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