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June 2022

PPETA ChatandChew R Burress.jpg

Photo, L to R:  R&D Chemist Robert Beck,  Guest Speaker Ramona Burress (Pharm), Peer Plus Founder Phyllis Rodgers and

Dr. Shante Griggs (Pharm).


Peer Plus was proud to present Ramona Burress as the guest speaker on the timely subject of Clinical Research. Before the presentation, there was a sumptuous breakfast buffet by Norman Bolden, the owner of Norman’s Bistro. The atmosphere was both comfortable and inviting among the audience of almost 30 participants, all from diverse backgrounds and with substantial background in their fields of expertise. Ms. Burress put aside the microphone and directly engaged the audience. The information given, the engaging, interactive conversations about the importance of both the structure of clinical research, as well as the significance of diversity in clinical trials, generated lively questions. Peer Plus will continue to host such presentations and conversations around critical health issues as we all continue to learn, stay informed and updated, and keep increasing our knowledge base.

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